Private Course Offerings in Southwestern Ohio

Basic Courses & Trainer Development Courses

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course Certificate Sample
Basic Course

Basic Pistol Safety Courses

are offered in three different formats for the shooter who wants to learn how to handle and shoot pistols safely or is looking to fulfill training requirements for a concealed handgun license.

NRA Range Safety Officer Patch
Basic Course

Range Safety Officer Course

is offered to those who wish to oversee the safe handling and the shooting of firearms at range and shooting facilities.

NRA Pistol Instructor Patch
Trainer Development

Pistol Instructor Course

is offered to experienced shooters looking to share their passion and skills shooting pistols by training new shooters.

NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Patch
Trainer Development

Chief Range Safety Officer Course

is offered to NRA Certified Range Safety Officers who wish to train others to be NRA Range Safety Officers.

Ohio Constitution of 1851

Ohio Is A Constitution Carry (Permitless) State:

Should I Still Get My Concealed Handgun License?

A person not prohibited from owning a firearm is able to carry a handgun concealed without obtaining a Concealed Handgun License (CHL). Ohio has joined over two dozen other states which have enacted permitless carry. An excellent article about Ohio's permitless carry by the Buckeye Firearms Association can be accessed --> "Answers to Common Questions about Ohio’s New Permitless Carry Law." 

To be able to carry your handgun for self-defense in states that do not have permitless carry; you need to have two elements present:

1.) A Concealed Handgun License issued by your jurisdiction of residence;
2.) An Agreement of Reciprocity between your state of residence and the state you are visiting or a non-resident CHL if the destination state issues them.

The state of Ohio has entered into Reciprocity Agreements with thirty-eight other states which allow you to carry a handgun for protection under your Ohio Concealed Handgun License. You can view the list of states in which Ohio has entered into reciprocity agreements with here--> Ohio Reciprocity Agreements.

Should you get your CHL? If you want to take full advantage of your right to self-defense when traveling to other states, obtaining your CHL would be the logical step. 

*North Dakota restricts permitless carry to residents of their state only. North Dakota DOES have reciprocity with Ohio allowing you to carry with an Ohio CHL..

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Firearms Policy Coalition

FPC is a coalition of over a million people organized to achieve maximal human liberty including the inalienable, fundamental, and individual right to keep and bear arms.


The National Rifle Association was founded in 1871, originally to promote marksmanship training NRA goals.

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