Step 1

Get Training First

The State of Ohio requires that the applicant attend an approved course on how to handle and properly shoot a pistol safely. The National Rifle Association's Basics of Pistol Shooting course fulfills the State of Ohio's minimum training requirements for the Ohio Conceal Carry License as articulated in Section 2923.125 (G)(1) and Section 2923.125(G)(2) of the Ohio Revised Code.
Upon successful completion of the National Rifle Association's Basics of Pistol Shooting course; you will be issued your course certificate and then you can begin your next step.

Step 2

Visit your County Sheriff's Website

You will need to vist your County Sheriff's Website for their instructions on applying for your Conceal Carry License. Download the Ohio Concealed Carry Law handbook and become familiar with the material.

Step 3

Schedule Appointment with County Sheriff

Schedule an appointment with your county sheriff or an adjoining county sheriff office to submit application, proof of training and payment.

Step 4

Obtain Your CHL

Upon completion of the background checks and paperwork, you CHL will be issued to you either in person or mailed. Refer to your county sheriff's instructions.


CHL Change of Address

If you need a replacement or address change on your CHL permit; visit your county sheriff's website for directions on their procedure. 

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