Training – Scenario-Based Training – Blog 21-10

Scenario-based training, reality-based training, force-on-force training maybe one of the most important training regimens to incorporate into your defensive training routine.

What is SBT, RBT or FOF? It is any manner of training that utilizes tools, techniques or methodologies to approximate in a training setting any situation that might occur in an operational setting.

The nature of the training is often immersive, the brain and body absorb and process the experience as if it were actually occurring. If done properly and effectively, it can program you for effective future behavior to nearly the same degree as if it had been an actual situation. 

This training can contribute greatly in helping you effectively protect yourself or your family from attack. Research has revealed that this is an excellent approach to gain experience and exposure to potential attack scenarios. Repeated training can help dampen stress response and edify your emotional control.

In a Belgian study conducted by Dr. John Taverniers, head of psychology for the department of behavioral sciences at the Royal Military Academy in Belgium, and Pieter De Boeck, a military and social sciences expert at that country’s Infantry School; the researchers concluded force-on-force handgun practice is “a potent training tool to prepare armed officers for performance in a stressful real-life environment.”

Dr. Bill Lewinski of the FSI added; “even force-on-force training cannot match the intensity of a truly life-or-death encounter. But with repeated exposure to good force-on-force scenarios, officers are forced to acknowledge the adverse effect of high stress and they can gradually learn to perform reliably and use it to enhance their performance.” (Force-On-Force Benefits Top Traditional Target Training)

The benefits of incorporating this type of training in your skills acquisition, should be a priority. Now how can you do this? There are several shooting schools that offer a force-on-force course. The availability of air soft pistols also provides a rather inexpensive way for you to institute this type of training yourself.

Key points that you should embrace if you do incorporate your own force-on-force training are:

  1. Never kill a defender in training. Ken Murray, author of “Training at the Speed of Life”; strives to train students to fight through an incident even if they have been struck by simunition rounds. We are conditioned by movie and television to think if you are struck by rounds, you are dead. This is far from the truth and actuality. Many persons have fought through multiple bullet strikes and survived. As Murray is known to say during training, “You’ve been hit, but you’re sure as hell not done…now finish the bastard.”
  2. Never end your training with a loss. If you do not perform well during a scenario, run through it again until you correct the tactics you were doing. Train to win.
  3. Safety must be uncompromising. Your training area must be sterile in which NO actual weapons can enter. This includes sharps, live ammunition, firearms, impact weapons. A thorough check of everyone before beginning is a non-negotiable. Protective equipment is worn to protect you and others. Airsoft projectiles do hurt and can leave bruises or injure your eyes.

This type of training is a truly beneficial way to prepare for the unthinkable. But there is a lot of steps that you need to take to make it beneficial and safe. Do your homework and keep it real.

Your lifestyle should not be comfortable. It should be comforting.”